Letter to Treasurer Folwell

Below is the contents of a letter which Julia Olson-Boseman, Chairman, New Hanover County Board of Commissioners and Jason Thompson, Chairman, New Hanover Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees have sent to Treasurer Folwell.  You can download the Letter to Treasurer Folwell here

Dear Treasurer Folwell,

Few issues are as important to the citizens of Southeastern North Carolina as the future of the healthcare system that serves it. For that reason, a committee of 21 area citizens has been given the task of evaluating how to best position New Hanover Regional Medical Center to meet the growing needs of this area.

The NHRMC Partnership Advisory Group, working on behalf of the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners and NHRMC Board of Trustees, is deliberately and openly working through the process of evaluating all options for the system, including remaining independent, restructuring, and/or partnering with another organization.

We understand your opposition to large health systems as they have had the strength to stand opposed to your political agenda. We appreciate the times you have publicly praised NHRMC as a model healthcare system for its quality and cost-effectiveness. We know that you would prefer all healthcare systems stay small.

Yet we must ask you to respect our right to explore options for our future. The Partnership Advisory Group has not made any recommendation to sell or merge. There isn’t even a proposed sale or merger to consider at this point.

The State Employees Association of North Carolina is running commercials supporting you and your agenda that are filled with false claims about NHRMC and this process. The commercials say NHRMC wants to sell to an out-of-state, for-profit health system.  This is deliberately inflammatory and meant to mislead area citizens.

You may say your office had nothing to do with these commercials, but we believe you could convince SEANC to stop them. We would like you to do so. If unsuccessful, then publicly denounce the use of these lies to advance your cause.

The people of Southeastern North Carolina deserve honesty and respect for all those delivering care and working to protect the future of it.



Julia Olsen
Julia Olson-Boseman
Chair, New Hanover County
Board of Commissioners

Jason Thompson
Chairman, New Hanover Regional Medical Center
Board of Trustees