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Partnership Advisory Group Talks with Potential Partners About Vision for NHRMC and Health in the Community

A series of site visits is helping members of the Partnership Advisory Group get a better sense of the culture of three health systems interested in partnering with New Hanover Regional Medical Center to meet the growing healthcare needs of the region.

Partnership Advisory Group members are participating in virtual and in-person visits with Atrium Health, Duke Health, and Novant Health. Teams from each organization are talking through their vision for the partnership and their success in driving better quality care, lowering costs, and enhancing care options for the communities their serve. Discussions have included representatives of hospitals that have joined these health systems to get a sense of what changed after the merger and the level of local control.

Conversations also focused on the health system’s efforts to improve the overall health of their communities, particularly through programs to eliminate disparities in care and ensure everyone has what they need to be well.

Achieving health equity is one of the top goals of New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s strategic plan and the partnership exploration. Each responding organization was asked more than a dozen questions about how they would support NHRMC’s health equity initiatives in the request for proposals.

Dr. Philip Brown, NHRMC Chief Physician Executive, gave Advisory Group members an overview of NHRMC’s Health Equity initiatives at the beginning of Thursday night’s meeting. NHRMC has been actively involved in Wilmington’s Northside Community and efforts to address areas like food and housing insecurity.

“We have a program with committed people and tremendous energy,” said Dr. Brown. “What we lack is funding, infrastructure and the data systems we need to identify how to best close gaps in care and make a transformational difference on a large scale.”

Dr. Brown noted that the organizations the Partnership Advisory Group is considering for partnership have strong health equity programs in place that could make an immediate difference to people in southeastern North Carolina.

Details of how each organization proposes supporting NHRMC’s commitment to Health Equity can be found in section three of the proposals, which are on