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Imagine – A Child with No Limits to a Healthier Future

Imagine a Healthier FutureToday, not every child in southeastern North Carolina has a way to get what they need to thrive. Lack of access to healthy food, safe places to exercise, and limited options for medical care are just some of the barriers standing in the way of being well.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center is committed to doing all it can to help remove those barriers so every child in our region has a chance to grow and live life to the fullest.

But the task is large and not one that can be taken on alone.

Through a partnership, NHRMC can make a real difference by tapping into resources, like well-established, nationally recognized health equity programs backed by sophisticated data systems and significant financial resources.

A partnership with the right healthcare system will mean:

  • More affordable health care options
  • Services that are convenient and accessible
  • Greater understanding and sensitivity to each person’s needs and circumstances
  • Programs that effectively eliminate disparities in health
  • More opportunities for children to envision, learn and develop in a healthcare career

You can learn more about how each of the proposed partners advances health equity by reading section three of their proposals, or view video presentations to the community.

Imagine, with us, all that is possible.