Planning for the Future

Over the years, the NHRMC system has grown to be the leading provider of healthcare for most of the seven-county region of southeastern North Carolina, offering advanced specialty care, primary care, trauma and emergency services.

With a mission to lead our community to outstanding health, NHRMC is committed to meeting the needs of the growing population through advanced inpatient care while also looking for ways to keep patients out of the hospital through programs that help them better manage their health.

Today, some of the biggest threats to wellness include:

  • Lack of education
  • Drug abuse
  • Poverty and violence

As New Hanover Regional Medical Center looks to the future, it’s clear more resources are needed to invest in the people, technology, and services that can make better health and wellness a reality. We have an ambitious mission and vision for the future and are open to opportunities to rapidly move our mission forward. NHRMC is clinically, financially and operationally strong today. Yet, to prepare for inevitable changes and disruption to the healthcare industry, NHRMC and the county need to consider new ways to support the investments that can make a significant difference to the health of our community.

Partnerships with others working to eliminate these barriers offer the best path to success.

We are a community that seeks innovative, creative solutions to improve health and the quality of life. With the backing of a strong health system partner, NHRMC could have a greater depth of resources to help solve the challenges we face, accelerate our impact and be even more bold in our pursuit to ensure our community is able to get the care and support they deserve in ways that are more convenient, affordable and customized to their needs.

By considering whether a different ownership structure with a like-minded partner would better serve this community, the New Hanover County Commission is taking a prudent and proactive step to evaluate the best way to secure the future of healthcare in our region.